Jan. 12th, 2016

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His birthday may have passed, but Jim’s no less in need of a good outing to lift his spirits. At least, in Felix’s judgment. Besides, the plans were laid: properly forewarned, Verity’s supplied a generous picnic; Felix himself has scouted their destination and procured a couple of sleds that might survive the day.

He’s also been careful to forewarn Jim, so that his text won’t come as a surprise.

We’re clear to go. Do you need any help with that armor?
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It’s been some while since they made their informal arrangement, but Felix hasn’t at all forgotten the light-footed rogue or the dance he promised her. A pact is a pact, no matter how many duties – foreseen and otherwise – have demanded his attention.

For that matter he and Verity haven’t been meeting for Geography Club quite so regularly, and the smells when he steps through the door of the Fox and Crosier make him regret that fiercely. Alchemy study may have to be relocated whenever possible. He scrapes some of the snow from his boots and leather armor, then strolls up to the desk chicken to ask after Amelia.


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