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In this dream he was running as he should have.

The Nexus streets were distorted and strange, collapsed and smoking, indistinct ruins that changed when he looked away. He was looking for the battle. He saw a familiar street and tore down it, the taste of dust on his tongue. They needed him. He just couldn’t find the way. Each time he headed for a landmark it got lost in the shifting landscape.

The Industrial District. That’s where the battle was. That’s where he needed to be. Here was a street that led there. He could hear the rumble of loosed magic and he ran faster.

But the way was blocked. A mountain of twisted beams and rubble lay across his path. He cried out in frustration as he stopped. He knew he’d never find his way if he tried to go around, not in that twisting maze-

And then he felt something crash down on a part of himself, far away. Felt something vital break and he fell to his knees, gasping for air. They were gone, he could feel it- all gone. He was helpless and feeble and entirely alone. Empty. Lost in this ruined waste. He sobbed desperately as the despair sank in. There was nothing he could do. There was never anything he could do.

He was in the wrong place to begin with.

Felix was very glad Jim wasn’t there when he woke.

He breathed deep for a few moments. Wiped the tears from his eyes and sat up. Vaermina's mercy, but that had felt overwrought. He couldn’t really recall what the dream had been about. Something about running around in the battle? The Nexus playing tricks? He sighed. He knew what this was. He'd had the same thing happen before, when he strained himself with a summoning. After serious cultic rites. Times his mind had touched on something it couldn't wholly comprehend. It would make sense of things eventually.

Jim would have worried about it far more than a nonsense dream warranted, though. Best not to let him know.


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