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Name:Felix Caelus
Birthdate:Dec 17
Felix Caelus, Imperial citizen and on-off adventurer from Cyrodiil. Practicing conjurer - and not a necromancer, thanks. Happily prone to encounters of the extra-planar kind. Likes getting mixed up in trouble a bit too much, prefers not to do it alone. Could summon an atronach in his sleep. Dabbles in magic schools and schemes both; occasionally hijacks other people's portals. Can't seem to get the hang of fire or lightning. Younger brother of an old legionary family.

Not, to his knowledge, a chosen one of any kind.

((Elder Scrolls: Skyrim OC, all for fun rather than profit. Muse and mun are over 18, PB is Travis Caldwell.))

Interests (49):

adventuring, alto wine, atronachs, azura, books, bound weapons, conjuration, cyrodiil, daedra, dark elves, dragons, dremora, familiars, frost magic, frostcrag spire, hermaeus mora, hiding from vigilants, imperials, julianos, light armor, mages, magic, oblivion planes, plane-hopping, politics, portals, reading, restoration, riften, rituals, ruins, secrets, skyrim, solitude, spell tomes, spells, stealth, stormcloaks, summoning, swords, talos, tamriel, the empire, the legion, the mages college, tiber septim, white gold tower, whiterun, winterhold
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