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Complicated Matters

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Shifts have been all over the place in the last few weeks. There had been an outbreak of a virus on the ship leaving the Enterprise understaffed while the Medbay stayed full to bursting dealing with the disaster. Spock and Bones have hardly slept in three days with their work, leaving Jim with the nagging feeling of uselessness he gets in emergencies that aren't within his expertise to solve.

The only thing he could think of to do was to pick up as many shifts as possible to give those who were healthy a chance to rest. He's on his third consecutive shift and while Yeoman Rand has been keeping a steady supply of coffee for the captain even that is starting to not be enough to keep the captain awake.

He rifles through the stack of data pads at his station before picking up the one at the bottom and switching it on. He'll work on his pet project during the downtime--something to actively focus on will keep fatigue from catching up with him.

He's found the Starfleet regulations he needs to cite. The paperwork still needs to be done, but he doesn't want to turn to Bones or anyone else for help with this until he's absolutely sure it will work. Which colonies have passing xenotoxicology degrees that he can forge. Getting a fake ID will be easier, especially if he uses a Rim colony. But which one? Do any of the brass at Starfleet have relatives there that would impede this facade? What's their security like on their systems? He'll get the paperwork he needs and forge the rest of it. Craft an identity and then....

Probably get yelled at by Bones for what he's trying to do, before Jim convinces him to sign off on the requests. He won't refuse in the end. Jim hopes, at least. He sets the PADD aside when McKesson calls out a reading on the scanners.

Request for addition of civilian contractor, it reads.

Position: Science officer. Specialty: xenotoxicology.
Name: Felix Caelus


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