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Felix has no intention of showing Amelia real Tamrielic architecture in the Nexus. The main site he knows only exists because of certain rites he’d rather nobody find out about just yet. And the power that changed it into an echo of his world is not one a young girl should be encountering.

Even if she isn’t technically as young as she thinks.

That said, he can’t stop her finding him when he comes back, nor (try as he might) dampen her enthusiasm for seeing a ‘real’ piece of his realm . It’s looking as if he’ll have to resort to his backup plan: lead her on an unnecessarily long walk and lie like a Thalmor.

“We’re almost there,” he assures her, as they turn the last corner. “I promise.”
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It’s been some while since they made their informal arrangement, but Felix hasn’t at all forgotten the light-footed rogue or the dance he promised her. A pact is a pact, no matter how many duties – foreseen and otherwise – have demanded his attention.

For that matter he and Verity haven’t been meeting for Geography Club quite so regularly, and the smells when he steps through the door of the Fox and Crosier make him regret that fiercely. Alchemy study may have to be relocated whenever possible. He scrapes some of the snow from his boots and leather armor, then strolls up to the desk chicken to ask after Amelia.


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